I'm such a loser

You'll all have to agree I'm a loser. I have had my 01 WR 426 for about 8 months and have about 65 miles on it. Good god what the hell is wrong with me. It's so dam hot in Dallas Texas, that riding isnt that fun. So, I ride my 99 Seadoo xp limited instead. Its starting to cool down but is raining allot. I have allot of good excuses but when it gets to cold, guess what, I ride. Most people wont but something about riding in 40 degree weather never bothered me. I promise I will ride more soon. I have a 10 month old who takes up alot of time. I dont even play drums anymore on a regular basic. I play guitar only 2 nights a week for about an hour each time, after the spud goes to sleep. Sometimes I wish I was single and 25 again, I use to have so much free time.

working 45 hours a week, and taking care of 3 rental houses eats up eough by its self. I did however do the Fuel stop mod, exhast, and intake mods. I also did the grey wire mod a few months ago and didnt even test it yet. I'm about to do the BK mod and ride next weekend when my wife and kid are out of town. Hopefully it wont rain.

if you see me in the yard cutting the grass, just kill me.



01 WR426 Uncorked.

You want some cheese with that whine! :)

That's motorcycle abuse. They hang people for that! :)

so goes life. It is tough i know but you are more of a man taking care of your kid and your wife. Your reward will come man. LOSER, i think not. My Wife is a social worker and you would not believe the ammount of DAD'S that ditch their families. So just keep being the man that you are being and ride harder when you can. Wow i do have a softer side. And people say that i am an insensitive prick.


If life is not a blur. You aren't going fast enough

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