Pipe question, Should it have a clamp?

I just bought a 98 yz400 and it shoots flames on deacceleration. I've read the posts that said an air leak at mid pipe could cause this. I've got a Pro Circuit 304 Pipe and header on it. There is no clamp between the head pipe and the silencer portion. Should there be? I was also given an FMF IV silencer that has a clamp on it but it is much smaller in diameter than the Pro Circuit pipe, so it won't fit. So my question is, did the Pro Circuit come with a clamp from the factory and my bike is missing it, or is it a very tight slip fit that this particular pipe doesn't need one.


how tight is the fit between the two . I have a whit bros. e series and i needed this stuff called chamber seal. woeked great to seal it up.

I have a Pro Circuit T-4 system on my 02 YZ426 and it does not use a clamp between the head pipe and the mid pipe connection, just a very tight slip fit.

On the Pro Circuit set-up it is a slip fit which is sealed through the expansion of the metals when hot. A clamp is not required. Good Luck.

The clamp is not required.You could put some hi temp silacone inbetween them for a better seal if you are leaking air in.

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