Good pricing on a wr450

Hey guys im new to this forum and to dirt bikes as well. I am most likely going to be picking up my wr450 on tuesday when the store opens back up but i need to know if 7k otd is a good deal and if i can get a better deal, what numbers should i be looking for? Anyone on here get any good deals on their bikes and would like to share with us? I have never bought a bike before so i dont want to get jipped...thanks so much fellas...

For California, $7,000 out the door is not a great deal, but on the other hand, you aren't being robbed either. I paid several hundred dollars less than $7,000 OTD for my 2006 WR450F. Figure it this way, any price less than MSRP + tax/license + document fee begins to be a good deal. Any price over MSRP + tax/license +document fee, such as a charge for dealer prep begins to be a bad deal. My advice to you is to shoot for a price out the door of whatever MSRP is for the bike. There are dealers all over who will sell a bike at that price. If you want to be agressive (and probably rejected, unless you have a connection) shoot for an out the door price of whatever MSRP is, less $100. The worst thing that can happen is the salesman will say "no deal". Another thing to think about, when i was shopping for the WR, a Honda dealer offered to pay me to buy a Honda CRF450X11 :applause:

HEy man thanks so much dude...i just picked up my wr450 about 5 hours ago. i paid 7200 otd with the bike, fox racing helmet and gloves, alpinestar boots, oakley goggles and the ramp to load and unload my bike. I like it so much i cant wait to take it up to azusa this saturday...i got a sweet deal right?

Have you read about the free modifications ("free mods") here in thumpertalk? If not, you may want to do them to get a better riding experience before you go out. Or, maybe you should go riding, especially since you are new to dirtbikes, then do the free mods, and realize the differennce it can make to your bike.

I wouldn't take the bike out riding without changing / cutting down the throttle stop to YZ specs at the very least.

Maumee, OH $5,825.00

2006 YAMAHA WR450FV WR450F WR450 WR 450, 2006 YAMAHA WR450F OFF-ROAD / TRAIL BIKE SERIES, OFFERED IN THE TEAM YAMAHA BLUE/WHITE COLOR SCHEME. FOR MORE INFORMATION CAL 419-891-1230 EXT.45 OR EXT.34… More Details Email Honda East Visit My Online Showroom (877) 437-1631

Date Placed:


These guys always have the best prices for Yams and Hondas

I would say that you did all right!! My advice is do the mods to your bike before you ride it though. The bike is REALLY restricted to meet California emissions rules. Buy the Yamaha GYT-R AIS Removal Kit and install the kit parts. Then follow the instructions in the kit for removing the snorkel, punching holes in the airbox, and removing the inner restrictor tube in the muffler. While you are at it, remove the engine valve cover breather hose from where its attached to the lower part of the air box and move it up to where the AIS hose was located. Use the blank off cap from the AIS Removal Kit to block off the now abandoned valve cover breather hose fitting at the bottom of the air box. The stock layout makes it very easy for water to enter the top of the engine if water gets into the airbox. Also, the end of the drain hose at the bottom of the air box should be cut open so water will drain out of the airbox. Lastly, unless you regularly change jetting, you do not need to spend the money for a ZipTy fuel screw. Set the fuel mixture to the conditions that you ride most often and forget it. The screw is easy to access while you have the carburetor loose to install the new jets from the AIS Removal Kit. Enjoy.

holy cow i didnt know about all the free mods you guys are talking about but i paid the service dept 85 to take off the rev limiter. I tried to get it for free since i am buying the bike but the sales guy kept talking about how the sales dept. and service guys don't really like each other or some madness. anyways i really havent got a clue to what you guys are talking about really...this is my first bike and one of the first bikes i have even rode! i took it around my block today and it feels pretty thing, how am i supposed to know when to shift gears since there is no rpm gauge? do i just go by the sound? is there a page to the free mods with pics? thanks guys :applause:

The 2006 WR450 can be had in So Cal for $6549 out the door.

Get a copy of Cycle Trader. Look at the LA Yamaha ad. Then look at the Hahm ad that says they will beat any advertised OTD price by $50. Do the math. Talk to the nice people at Hahm. Take your bike home. Ride. :applause:

i paid 5,800 for my 05 wr a while back

try Bardwell Yamaha in Mississippi. I got my 04 450 in April of 04 for $5500 OTD. He will ship. I saw his ad in Cycle Trader

Try or use their ad and see if your dealer will match the price. :applause: The TT store sells them for $6199 but with shipping you are in the same ball park

I paid 6399 OTD for my 2006 at the end of December. This was Sierra Yamaha in Quincy, California. I live in Reno, NV. Also, this dealer will do many of the free mods in the set-up of the bike.


You guys are killing me. I have been pondering adding a WR450 to my stable. My 99 YZ250 2smkr has been a great bike for me but my fat old ass wants the direct power of a 4 stroke and that magic e button. Now I just have to figure out if Yamaha is going to change to an Al frame for 07 or more importantly do I even care. The Al frame will be heavier and stiffer. Do I really want that? I dunno. Anyone have luck getting their 05 or 06 plated in CA? I hear you can buy them in AZ and have them plated.

Sorry to hijack the thread. Now back to your regularly scheduled thread.

Aluminim heavier? I thought the purpose of aluminum was to decrease weight?

Aluminim heavier? I thought the purpose of aluminum was to decrease weight?

its an odd situation.

in order to make an AL frame that is as strong as steel, you need more mass of AL....that sometimes equals more weight overall, but the weight is in different places, giving the bike a different center of gravity....improving the overall FEEL of weight when on the bike, but not actually shedding any poundage.

with that said, i have not found the advantages of AL (at this point) to outweight the advantages of having a steel frame...and until i do, ill be riding a steel framed bike.

with that said, i have not found the advantages of AL (at this point) to outweight the advantages of having a steel frame...and until i do, ill be riding a steel framed bike.

You said it perfectly. Knowing how tight the bike is to work on with the existing frame imagine how much tighter it will be with the aluminum frame.

If you can get an 06 at the same price as an 05 then get the 06.

You guys are lucky to get your machines so cheap, here in SA a new 06 WR450F costs you just over $10,000. In our currency R66,000, dollar/rand exchange rate about $1/R6,20

Aluminim heavier? I thought the purpose of aluminum was to decrease weight?
No, a pound of aluminum is much lighter then a pound of steel! :applause:

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