rust on 426 frame

I am looking to buy a 2001 426. I went and looked at one today and it had rust on the front of the frame. Is this a big deal? The rest of the bike looks real clean.

Sounds like the guy doesnt ride it much. I dont think its a big deal.

When you look at the bike again, bring the bike to TDC. Dont pull the decompession lever and see if you can still push it past TDC.. Thats an indication on the compression on the motor. If it still has good compression, you'll more like break your foot than push it past TDC.

You really, REALLY want to check for rust in other areas, like the shocks, forks, and shock linkage areas, along with where the subframe meets the frame, and take off any skid plates etc. to reveal any rust that might be hiding out. Look at the exhaust, is it sealed up, no rust where the header connects to the cylinder and the silencer connects to the header? Are the fork seals in good shape? Compress the forks, and check the bolts on top to make sure he didn't recently fill the oil due to blown seals. Check the chain slider for excessive wear, and the boots around the levers for evidence that the bike was dropped a lot.

Check the thread in this forum called "Buying a 426, what to look for?" or something, it has a lot of good advice.

Here it is:

I've got some rust too. Its just a little surface rust where the paint has been rubbed off.

Thanks for all the good information. The rest of the bike looks good and the compression is good. He is an older guy that says he doesnt ride much and kept it under a tarp in his backyard. I guess that would explain the rust.

i have rust on mine and i ride it all the time... Out in glamis/dumont/desert trips on cold mornings when the dew build up obviously stuff gets wet as well as washing the thing... The paint/powdercoat is worn off in the typical spots from my boots and thats where the rust is.. :applause:

Its just chips from rocks hitting the paint(just like on your trcuk). You can buy a can or brush bottle of YAMAHA blue touch up paint at your local dealer...........its completely normal (IM GOING TO PUT SUPER THICK GRIP TAPE ON THAT PART OF THE FRAME SOON). Be shure to check all parts of the motor that have seals or gaskets. The decompression unit up on the front of the motor has a seal in it that may leak........mine had it.

Hope this helps,


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