brake light bulb??

I'm going to install a brake light on my XR650R but the stock taillight bulb is single filament. What's the solution?

put a resistor in the line that is bypassed when the brake switch is activated.


I had the old BIG Baja Designs dual sport brake light. I recently upgraded to the clear LED brake light. I ended up disassembling the old brake light and removed the dual filament bulb and socket. The bulb and socket didn't fit, but the bulb did fit by itself. So, I soldered the 3 wires to the bulb itself and stuffed it up into the stock 650R taillight (up on the top of the fender). I tore off a small piece of the 'aluminum foil' that Honda sticks up inside the right side panel (heat resistant/reflective tape stuff), and stuck it on the bulb where it would contact the lense, in case it would melt. Hasn't yet. Now I have a nice bright taillight/brakelight in the stock lense as well as my underslung LED taillight. Safety First!

The resistor mod will work as well, but this means that your stock taillight brightness will be the brakelight, while the running light (now running through the resistor) will be quite a bit dimmer. It will work in a pinch, but I really like the brightness of my setup. I'm sure you can buy the bulb/socket and 3 wire setup for the old style brake lights from Baja Designs. Good luck.

you can usually remove the single-wire pigtail from the socket, replacing it with a two-wire pigtail ...available at most any auto-parts store ... pretty simple, and reliable as any original socket ... I've done it to convert turn-signals to combo turn/running light setups

For the resistor mod you run a higher watt bulb with the same base as the stock bulb. This way the running light is the same brightness and the brake light is even brighter.

I just add another side marker bulb and socket (trim the excess plastic from the socket)) from the auto parts, piggy backed on the stock XR650R bulb socket that way it's still rubber mounted and the small bulbs have never failed been doing the same since 1986 on all my R models. Tie strap or silicon it in place.

I added a second LED marker lamp on a stainless steel plate at the back of my fender. It is my brake light, works well, and passed the inspection. I put it on with a trailer plug, and wingnuts so I can take it off in about five minutes. E-mail me and I'll send you a picture.


I just bought and installed (very easy) the resister type set-up from Arrowhead motorsports for about $29. It's under the Honda stuff. There's no picture but it includes everything you'll need. The difference in brightness is not really that great and I guess it does reduce normal running brightness. Someone mentioned a higher wattage bulb which I think I'll try.

It gets you legal and that's what I wanted without too much fuss or money.

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