now that the site is back up i have a ?

SO this weekend i finally got around to re jetting my bike and some other stuff. SOB if that spark plug is not hard as hell to get out of the 450. what gives. I even pulled my tank hoping it would help but still a pain.. i cant imagine that its even possible to pull a plug with the tank on still is it ???

you think they would give you anouther inch or so between the frame and the top of the motor. ... is there an easier way. i was just using a 5/8 spark plug socket and a 2 inch extension with a 3/8 inch rachet. i barely got the rubber boot off the top of th motor cause there was barely any clearance. there has to be an easier way or a better tool.

#2 .. I didnt pull the carb all the way off the bike, too many cables to disconnect and TPS wires and hot start and all that. plus its in there so tight. i loosened up both boots an djust twisted it enough to get to the bottom of the carb to put my quickshot on and change the main jet.

do you have to pull the carb all the way to get the top off to change the needle.

#1: C'mon, it ain't that bad. I use a plug 16mm socket/swivel extension combo from Motion Pro. Basically the same as you're probably using, but the MP has some more practical drive options for use as a pack tool. I don't find it that difficult, once you get over the fact that the tank does have to at least be lifted some. :applause:

#2: Nope. Just tilt it enough to get the top cover off. Then remove the plug that holds the needle into the slide and lift the needle out.

cool deal so for sure the tank has to be lifted or might as well come all the way off to get the plug out. ok yeah i broke my swivel so i didnt have it handy. and my spark plug socket rubber is worn out i need a new one . its not gripping my plug anymore, and couldnt find my magnet either. yeha i know im a mess. needles to say it got done. but havent checked needle clip position. isnt stock 4th clip . ? i read that somwhere on the forum. i definitly want to move it to 3rd.

I still use the stock spark plug tool that came with the bike. It's the perfect length and has the swivel at the perfect place to amke the job go easy... :applause:

As for the tank, I don't boter fighting with it. It comes off first everytime to give clearance. I take it completely off. There's only like 2 bolts on the seat and 4 on the tank...

I've never fought with the boot either. Just grab it and lift it up, then pull it out to the side.

well i dont have the stock one that came with my bike i didnt buy my bike new.

and yeah its not that hard to pull the tank i will be coming back off soon as i mess with needle position .

I feel your can take the tank off but it really doesn't help on the '06 because the distance from the top of the cylinder to the bottom of the frame is damned tight. I felt like an idiot, took me 10 minutes just to get the rubber boot off. I did take the tank off on mine eventually but it didn't help, the tolerances are that tight frame to motor and there's no gap for the plug boot to lift up into because the bottom of the frame surrounds the head. I eventually disconnected the wiring harness to the boot and still had trouble wrestling it out trying every angle possible. WAY harder than my crf or old yz400, i guess thats the price you pay for "mass centralization"....

I should mention that the plastic nut that retains the hot start cable in the carb is delicate. Be prudent when twisting the carb around in place with everything connected.

Grayracer. I read somewhere there is a replacement metal nut for the hot start. where do i get it ?

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