Magnetic Drain Plug

Does anyone know who makes a good quality magnetic drain plug for the 2006 WR450? I special ordered one through a local shop and it came in the wrong size. Is it better top stay away from aluminum oil plugs due to the soft metal?

i would stay away from the aluminum ones. I currently am dealing with one and it is stuck in the bottom of the case and rounded off. even tried to use an easy out but it broke off so now I am stuck taking it to a shop to have them take it out. :applause:

I bought a zip-ty aluminum one, & honestly it makes me a bit nervous, as I tend to like my fasteners tight. If I had it to do again (& I might do this anyway), I would take my OEM plug & drill it out on a drillpress with a depth gauge or stop & epoxy a good, cheap neodymium magnet into it.

Also, if you buy a second magnet that is bigger (easier to hold onto) you can use it to help clean the crap off the plug when doing your oil changes.

MOOSE makes one that is not aluminium. Works for me.

MOOSE makes one that is not aluminium. Works for me.

I ordered a Moose plug and it came in the wrong size. I am going to take it back and try to get the right size Moose drain plug. It looks like a pretty good plug.

I like my Zip-Ty plug. I just make sure I use a 6 point socket and don't crank the heck out of it during installation. No problem after 4 oil changes.

I've been running a Ty Davis drain for 5 plus years and a lot of oil changes. You just have to be smarter than the bolt.

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