Fork oil adjustment 2000 WR400

I just got this bike and it seems the forks are very stiff towards the end of the travel, I am finding out that fork oil level is a big factor in fork stiffness.

How is the fork oil adjusted with out removing the forks? Any info would be appreciated.



I once opened up the forks on a bike I bought used and one leg had about half as much fluid in it than the other. Plus the other leg had about 30mm too much. No wonder it handled like crap! Just remove the forks. It will take you 10 mins to remove the forks. Also, since you just bought the bike and have no idea of what condition the fluid is in, you need to remove the forks and change the fluid. That way you will have fresh fluid, the correct level and weight for your riding needs. Any lazy short cut type things that you do will be a guess at best and you will never have your forks working the best that they can. Plus you will always wonder what is in there. Just do it. It is really easy. I just searched for a "how to change fork fluid" thread in a few forums and found some nice write ups with pics. Easy stuff.

You have a '00 wr400, it would be a great idea to take the forks off and dissassemble them (not very hard at all) and give them a good clean out. Wack in some fresh oil and some new seals, good as gold mate!

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