01 WR426 Exhaust

Greetings all, and ride on Caldecott RIP.

I have been reading here for a couple of years and will make the following question my first post. I have a 2001 WR426 (mods done) and had pretty much settled on which exhaust I wanted which is the FMF Q2. Slip on only.

Just before I was going to order, I saw the FMF Q and wondered, is the FMF Q as good as the Q2? As far as cosmetics go they look different, and the cost is different, but I cannot find any performance specs that compare the two.

So, I call on the readers here who might know first hand. Which is better? :applause:


Mark in Nor Cal.

Q2. Just for the looks alone, I would get it.

I like my Q, and it passed the CA sound test @94db plus my 01WR426 seems to run real strong with it. I have not sampled a Q2 so I could not say which is better. What kind of price difference is there? I can't see two pipes from the same manufacturer that have similar noise output be very far apart in power output. It all depends which one you like the looks of and if the price difference justifies it.

I've been looking for the same thing but there doesn't seem to be any info. I called FMF tech support and asked if they had any performance info on the Q2, and he just kind of mumbled to me. I told him since the Q2 was a new pipe that I thought they'd be on top of it, but apparently that's not the case..... Oh well. I'm thinking about getting one, but haven't heard enough to convince myself.... Let me know if you get one, I've got the same bike....

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