'06 450 Sprocket Sizes?

Anyone know what size sprockets come stock on the '06 450. I just bought the sidewinder set for my '05 3 months ago and today I decided to get the brand spankin' new '06 450!!! The '05 has a 14 front and 51 tooth rear. Thanks in advance for your help.


06 comes with 13-49 , 3.769:1 ratio . 14-51 is 3.642:1 . 06 is slightly lower geared .

That lower gearing is what leads to some people complaining about having to shift too often. The first four transmission ratios are nearly identical to the our gears in the earlier 450's (4th is the most different at 1.05 compared to 1.09. Not much) So, in an apparent effort to make 5th gear useful at some point on an MX course and make more ratio choices available on any given part of th e track, they brought the overall gearing down. Consider getting a 14, even a 15, to play around with. The higher the gearing, the farther apart the trans ratios feel. The lower, the narrower spaced they are.

Just as a tidbit, my '03 is running 15/49. If I had that trans, I might go back to the stock 14/48 to make low more useful in the tight stuff, but right now, I like the top end for desert riding.

Thanks guys! I can always rely on the Thumpertalk members for a quick, accurate reply. Matt

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