04 weight reduction?

i did some searching and didnt find too much on this, so apologies if this topic has been discussed.

for an 04 wr450 what are people doing that want to reduce the weight? I have seen the following:

- remove coolant res.

- replace the battery with something much smaller (reduces amount of starts without charging)

- replace the silencer (which is the best?)

- replace the pipe

- remove the lights

- remove/replace the kickstand

Are there any other ideas out there?

I ve got an 03' and I would eventually like to replace the stock muffler with at least a lighter YZ model.This should be your first move since youd be getting rid of something heavy thats mounted pretty high.I love having a head light but I guess if you wanted to mount A YZ rear fender you could ditch the tail light.As far as the kick stand you could replace it with an aluminum model from Pro Moto Billet sold here on TT.I 'm contemplating tossing my whole starter set up as its giving me problems at only 500 miles. You may also want to look into Yamahas race parts for things like lighter clutch covers etc. Good luck

Dry sump kit

Remove electric start and battery completely

19" rear wheel

Titanium exhaust system

first off, these are big bikes. your not going to turn it into a 220 lbs YZ. even with a bit of work you'll be lucky to loose 20 lbs.

where are you going to ride? do you need a plate? lights? like anything else related to motorsports, all it takes is money.

your exhaust can is heavy but you'll only loose two to three pounds if you replace it. now that's two or three good pounds. weights up high and you'll gain some performance.

the starter system (battery, starter, gears and starter clutch) about ten pounds. again, the battery weight is up high where it counts. can you deal with no e-start?

lights. replace your wr rear fender with an acerbis wr/yz fender and put one of the acerbis LED tail lights on it (under it). the stock fender is pretty heavy. maybe a couple pounds saved. headlight has a glass lens and is heavy. acerbis, ufo, polisport. there all a little lighter( but not a lot).

aluminum bars, a little more off.

will you notice it? sure you will. does it make it a different bike? no.

Most wieght I lost off my WR was off my fat ass. Cut out the fast food and fries. Amazing. And cheap too. :applause:

Not much in the way of weight i can lose, so i am looking at the bike. I know it isnt going to be YZ lite, and that is ok. I am just looking for some alternative thought to what i have done. i am also wondering where does all the extra weight come from between the yz and the wr. sounds like the 24 pounds is 20 e-start (which i will NOT get rid of!!) and misc things such as the kickstand and lights. just looking for a way of taking some of the sting out of the 35 foot jumps! (sounds like an 07 wr will do the trick!)

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