'04 Suspension on '05?

I have a set of suspension off my '04 WR450 that was modified for supermotard (lowered, resprung, revalved).

One of the guys interested in buying it has an '05 YZF450.

Another guy has an '05 YZF250.

Will it work on the '05's?

If not, what is the difference?

'05's got bigger 48mm fork tubes, but they should still work.

'05's got bigger 48mm fork tubes, but they should still work.
i have an 03 and i know 04 they went to bigger fork tubes,did they change again in 05?thinking they are the same just different internals.

I beleive the 04wr had 46mm tubes and the 04 and 05 YZ had 48mm tubes. The only way it will work is if they also switch the triple clamp.

The main complication is going to be that the guy with the 250F will need to use his steering stem in your clamps, or order one from a manufacturer of aftermarket clamps. The steering stem on the '04/'05 250F was about 1/2" shorter than the '03 450. The base diameter of the stem is the same '03-'05 in both YZFs

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