timing chain tensioner

Was trying to climb this killer hill on the trails when my bike just died i was in the throttle and running great. mind you I had been riding for about 3 hrs already that day, but after I managed to get that heavy beast off the incline it wouldn't start. felt like I had no compression. I've tryied several things out since then to get the ol girl to fire back up without tearing the motor out again nothing is working. A guy I bumped into had one just a little while back and said if i had the timing chain tensioner with the spring, and guides that it might be worn out and jumped out of time.

i only have a bout ten hours on this fresh build and I know I did not replace that dummy me!!!! It sounds like a good answer. but would like some insight. it did start hard while hot the last few times I was kickin it that day so timing or valve adjustment...ect...??????.....Thanks

Check for spark,if spark is good,replace spark plug,Run a compression test...It is getting fuel...rite.... :applause:

yep those were all the first things checked when the bike stopped our group 70 miles from camp!!...lol and then checked several times more back at camp darn thing

valve adj got better compression but still feels funny the timing chain tensioner through honda is 108 dollars also wondering if that is the solution do chain and sproket to getting pricy for a old bike mabey time to goto the dealer!!!...lol

I know this is an old post but just FYI you can purchase the tensioner spring separately for about $6.

Dude check your timing cause it sounds like it jumped time and if it did you might be looking at some bent valves, maybe

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