Clamps, front suspension????

Hey all, ? OK IM 6.4, monkey arms. At high speeds I get speed wobbles. When I stand I feel like Im bending to far over, it feels uncomfortable. Ive lowered my pegs and just went to powerpegz. Im running contour reed bend I was looking at procircuit and applied for top clamps that adjust forward/back. Suggestions please... Im on a 05 WR450

6'3" here, I run stock clamp with answer 1 1/8" adapters (these give you about a 3/4" rise), Pastrana bend Pro Tapers :applause: Works great for me and it was all less than $125.

Proper suspension set up will help with speed wobbles. If the shock is too hard, it will transfer weight forward to the forks, which will make them squirm. Try running more compression and rebound in the forks. Sliding the forks down in the triple clamp to give more rake gives more straight line stability, but you sacrifice turning ability.

A steering damper is great too. Provides the best of both worlds.

As for clamps, I like the pro taper ones, they have good adjustment. GYT-R has some protaper ones, I run them on the 250 for the opposite reason to you.

Here, this is a direct exact copy of the protapers:

For $99 you can't go wrong. You can get taller risers for $30 too!

Have you replaced the stock rear spring and adjusted the sag? If you haven't, this could cause the front to be "light" and your geometry to be screwed up causing the wobbles.

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