Just bought a WR 426


I have just bought an '02 WR426 and was wondering if its nomal for the exhaust to glow red hot where it comes out of the head ?

If you start the bike from cold and let it idle for 10-15mins it will do it !

Also, I have seen alot of pics of the 426, some have a big tank and others have the yz smaller one like mine, have people fitted the smaller one or is it standard on the '02 bike?

Mnay thanks


yes, perfectly normal!

search the forum if you want more info on the subject!

Why Would You Let A Highly Strung Motor Idle For 10-15 Minutes?

i dont let mine idle for more than 3 or 4 cuz thats all it takes to get that TI head pipe glowing..

Sorry, I should of said why it was idling for so long, this was when looked at the bike before I bought it, no intension of doing it in the future !

The guy reasured me it was normal and though i heard it before ! :applause:

I have spent hours searching for more info on the 426, everthing seems to be about the 250's or 450's, the bike has a YZ end can ( I think, says 'not for road use on the rear) I will check the gray wire tomorow but can anyone confirm that the gray wire mod is safe for the 426 on stock jetting etc?

Many thanks :bonk:


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