YZ450F Seat on a 04 WR subframe

Hi all,

does anyone know if a YZ250/450F 2003 seat (SDG) will fit on a WR450F 2004 subframe, or will i have to fit a WR seat? I have the YZF tank (03 onwards) which i intend to fit to my WR 2002 with some mods to the mount points, and a recently purchased AC Racing YZF 03 alloy subframe, but i intend to fit a battery and WR Airbox from an 03 onwards to my WR 426F 02 and was wondering if my new YZ seat would bolt straight onto the WR 04 subframe? if so, it would make fitting the airbox/coolant tank etc a breeze as it already has the necessary mounting points. has anyone tried this or have any ideas if the YZ seat would fit? i hope so, as i want to have the YZ tank/seat combo bolted to an 02 WR426 frame with an 04 rear WR frame?



The subframes are relatively the same between the WR and YZ in 2004 except for the airbox mounts, its the seat/tank interface thats different.

As long as you have the YZ tank, YZ seat and a subframe from 03 to 05 you can make it work.

HOWEVER if you have a WR subframe you will need to run a WR airbox (from what I understand).

I am in the process of doing this to my 01' supermoto.

I welded some new mount points on the frame because the frame is getting powder coated.

Satch made some brackets for a bolt on application so you dont have to weld to the frame if you are not going to paint or powder coat it.

The easiest way to do it if you are welding new mount points is to mount the subframe (mod to the frame or subframe required), then place the tank on the frame with the stretchy rubber mount at the rear of the tank in place, then mount the seat and bolt the seat to the subframe, this gets the tank all lined up properly so you can see where you need to weld your mounts.

ok, thanks for that very informative reply. I see you are "upgrading" the plastics on your Supermoto too? I am hoping to do the same and have the hurricane graphics but am coming up against one or two problems, namely the rear subframe. I've already bought brand new 03-05 yz tank and seat plus an 03 yzf subframe, but then i read somewhere that in order to add a battery to my 02 WR, i need the 03-05 WR complet airbox too (for the bat campartment) it was then i realised the differences between the subframes with regards to mounting points etc. I have since spotted an 04 WR subframe on ebay and thought this would be a better idea to fit rather than weld tabs on my new one, but i noticed on this subframe, there appears to be raised mounts on the top of it, near where the airbox mounts (like they would slot inside the base of the seat, sort of thing?) and the yz frame doesn't have them? hence the reason for my main question. I'd really like to have the YZ tank/seat/fenders with the WR airbox/subframe/rear plates....

do you get my meaning?


steve :applause:

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