Help for all TT'ers anytime, anywhere, for any reason!!

Great idea, Im in. Im in for the sponge across America tour to NH :) . Hey it would be cool to be able to have some buds down under. We could ship our bikes down there and come down and have an Ausi rip fest vacation :D !

I got free room and board in NH when you get here.

WR Jason,

I really like your "Sponge Across America Tour"!!

As for Down Under, shipping your bike would probably be brutal($$)! How 'bout just going down to OZ and drinking with the locals, and a dive trip to the Reef?

There must be a place to rent one,

HEY! lets not get too far off the topic.

Bill, you have my address and number for the list already..

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Anything Yamakaze can't help with, I'll try to accomodate. Sounds like a winner.


MX Tuner

count me in! i'm a sucker for leaches.

I, being the one that bought the aforementioned bike, would be glad to be in on this. If Mike from NH hadn't jumped in to help me, I would be in even a bigger mess. It nice to have friends


Count me in!!!!

This "service" might work for racers that have to travel to other states for the race. It would have helped me running the GNCC series last year. It might help out the new guys to racing also. If they have a "buddy" to get in touch with, the "first" race day may go better.

A little off the intended use, but just might be useful.

Just an idea,



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NH Kevin, anytime you want to come to NorCal you can leach off long as you give me a few pointers here and there! :)

Originally posted by Bill:

I have just heard about a guy who bought a bike via ebay and was ripped off. The bike was supposed to be in good shape and is less than that.

So from another web site I belong to. I have taken this idea. I have also asked Bryan Bosch to figure out a way to make this information available to fellow TT'ers.

I would like to be the first to volunteer to look at bikes in my area, help you if your traveling through here and break down or need a place to stay, someone to talk to if your need someone to listen ....whatever, anything.

We will get a list (name, phone number and location) and then if your in need and away from home. You can find a TT'er who is willing to help. Shoot we have guys all over the nation and even international members.

Let's see what kind of interest there is and we'll persue a way to get this information available.

Help a brother out.


Bill I too think that is a great idea. I also have a shop where they could come by and i could take a digtal photo and send it to the buyer, Just a thought hootie

I'm in as well. I will go ahead and speak for GA426OWNER as well...This is his kind of thing (Single Female members preferred)Which probably got him in the fix he is in today....

Count me in,too!!!


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try this: while in PA visiting Bill, I ran across a group of guys that were driving across the U.S. sampling different riding areas across our beautiful country.

There could be some type of organized trip across the U.S., stopping to visit and sample TT member riding areas. A day or two here, a day or two there, all the while driving across the U.S. Riders could be picked up on the way to join the "caravan" to continue the trek, or just be the hospitable host (local motels could suffice for lodging) for TT members. Riders could tent it, or if room existed, crash in TT'ers homes, apts, etc.

Just a thought...

I ain't getting any younger! I don't want to be 70, wishing I could turn back time, and re-live my youth.


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I'm in for all/any of the above. I'll send you my new address in an email.

There's a local street riding group in town that does this as well.


Start a new post and see if you have any takers.

i'm in,extra bedrooms and all,plus a place to ride. central ill,springfield are,e mail

Kevin, that idea is very appealing. It might not be possible for some of us to go clear cross country in one trip. But, we could make a series of smaller trips and eventually hit most of the spots. It would also be fun if we could plan some organized rides. Lots of possiblilities here. Lets keep it going to see where it leads us. Thanks, Paul.

Hey Bill, now that we have so many volunteers what should we do to formalize this? You know, we could post a list of TT contacts in each geographical area or something like that. What do you think?

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