New Bike Choice Messin; with my Head


It's time to replace my '99 WR400. I've been very happy with my WR but am having a hard time pinning down my final choice on a new bike. I'm 6'6 240 lbs so the right ergos are a key for me. I ride mostly woods in NorCal and usually do a couple of harescrambles a year. My question is mainly directed to anyone whose ridden/owned '06 EXC400/450 and WR450 since I've narrowed my choice down to to those bikes. I love the power delivery, dependability and low maintenance of wy WR. So, I am really looking for the same thing in a better handeling, lighter feeling bike with E start with the ergos to accomodate a TALL person. Seems to me like I would be happy with a new WR but the power of Orange keeps sucking me in. I have ridden a '98 300 EXC which I did not care for and a '03 400 EXC which handeled and tract great but I missed the smooth higher revving power of my WR.

Anyone out there logged time on the WR and EXC who can give me their opinion?

I am pretty new to the dirt bike stuf (have been ridin quads for a while) but I picked up a new 06 wr450 and it fits me great (6'4" 225lbs) I could use a little taller bars (hopefully fixed by the scotts steering damper) but the seat and everything else fits well and when I finish the free mods this week, it should have plenty of power.

Just my .02 worth

The WR has the highest seat height out of the lot.

Test ride them both mate, I nearly brought a KTM 525exc instead of the WR.

KTM just as reliable as Yamaha.

Yamaha parts readily available and heaps cheaper than KTM.

blue goes with more things than orange, and besides you'd have to change your user name.

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