Stock shock settings.

Does anyone know a good setting of the front stock shocks for a 99 wr400. Im 200lbs and have started riding more aggressivly and jumping now. Sometimes in 3rd gear wide open and my suspension is bottoming out apon landing. I fear its just a matter of time before I go over the bars. Help. How many turns out on the front shocks are recommended. Thanks again.

Maybe you should consider a revalve, if you are bottoming out, adjusting the clicks will help but a revalve will be the best way to go, if you are in Cali, try Precision Concepts, Race tech, it would be money well spent!!

My 2 pesos :applause:

The setting on the shocks were all the way loose. I think if I get the proper setting I should be okay. If not, I will gtet the revalve done. Thanks.

Try 10 or 12 clicks out in the front and 6 or 8 out for the rear and go from there :applause:

cool thanks... Ill lt you know how that works.

When I was riding my 400 alot I went all the way in on the compression and it still would bottom out on bigger jumps, at the time I was probably 215. I would go all the way in with your compression, front AND rear and then back off from there till you like it. You could try a heavier oil too.

Good Luck :applause:

The first thing you need to do is adjust the race sag on your shock. Loads have been written about how to do it here on TT. If you cannot get the sag set right then the springs are the wrong stiffness for your weight. Then loosen all clickers to the softest setting and adjust them stiffer until you get a good ride-after you get race sag properly set.

If the forks or shock is bottoming out, damping changes will not fix the problem. The only thing that will fix it is stiffer springs. All damping changes do is change the speed at which the piston moves through the oil in the forks or shock. It doesn't make the spring stiffer. If you adjust your clickers all the way in then the ride will be way too harsh. Even if it did stop bottoming, are you going to base your whole suspension settings on an occasional bottoming? Think about it. Clickers are no magic bullet if the springs are wrong.

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