05 wr450 lossing power then power surging

Hello all

My mate has got a 05 wr450. He has not done any mods barr the throttle stop and removed the baffle from the stock exhaust. His problem is near full throttle the bike losses power. He in turn gives its more throttle then it power surges. This happened last week on a steep climb. He lost power, gave it throttle power surged, he had a crash. Only minor injuries. LOL

He says that this happens a lot he says. He would like to get this sorted out due to its dangerous results.

Has anyone in TT land experienced this or have any advice.

Thanks all in advance :applause:

our Wr does that too for some reason it will kinda die down then lurch forward any help would be appreciated.

He needs to jet the bike properly.

It sounds way lean to me, but surging is from accelerator pump which sounds like it is working perfect.

He needs to get a bigger main jet, should be a 168 or 170. He should get an adjustable yz needle too, as well as a 48 pilot jet.

Just curious what elevation you two are riding at.


Thanks for the replies lads. We have no major mountains in Ireland just big hills.

We would normally be riding between 230 - 550 metres above sea level.

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