Clutch Suggestions

Figured that I would start here... Couldn't find anything when searching. I'm new, so go easy on me...

My 98 WR400 has a clutch issue. I feel that it is adjusted properly and change the oil after about every 200 miles or so of trail riding, which is pretty much all that I do. The problem is that when I pull the lever in, the clutch does not engage fully - meaning the rear tire is locked up. The bike seems to shift gears fine, but it never feels to be in "neutral." It gets better after I ride for a few minutes (as I am guessing everything is warming/lubing up), but it does not take long for it to begin behaving the same way again, like 30 minutes. If I am not revving the engine when dropping it into first right after I start the bike, it will stall...

Anyone else have problems like this? The bike is no spring chicken, so it wouldn't hurt to replace the clutch. Problem is, I thought that a worn out clutch slips, not sticks. My local mechanic said that the early WR/YZs had a reputation for the baskets/hubs warping, wearing, etc. Is he accurate?

As with anything, the only way to know for sure is to disassemble and examine, which I plan on doing this weekend. Just thought I would get some feedback here first. I will let you know hat I find.

I fyour going to go to the trouble to open that bad boy up you might as well install a Rekluse clutch. I put one on my WR 426 and it solved a few of my little problems. $425.00 :applause:

Previous owner might have thrown in an extra plate. Common thing to do on 2 smokes.

Inspection is the only way to tell, it is easy to do yourself.

What's the benefit of installing another plate? Less slippage? Or is it a jury-rig to cheaply fix a worn-out clutch?

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