Tripple Clamps

Hopefully one day I can get a stablizer, but its going to be a while. I will have to do everything one piece at a time.

My stock bars bent, so I am going to replace with fat bars (not sure which ones yet)

In order to do this, I need a new triple clamp (I know there are risers and adapters, but new triple clamp will make it easier to set up with the stabilizer in the future)

I was originally going to get the Applied Racing ($120), but I found this -

anyone use one before?

I think applied makes the top clamp that comes with a gpr stablizer kit. I had one on my bike and when it came time to get a stabilzer i went with the gpr to save some money. the gpr fits under the bar. Also the gpr people were great to work with. One of the employees even delivered it to me to save me the drive down to chula vista. that stabilzer has a riser built into it and it bolted right up to the applied clamp so you wouldnt have to buy a new one in the future. plus it works great.

I just got off the phone with BRP, and to do the 20mm offset would run $380 :bonk: and just the top with the clamp ready for the scotts would run $185 - not all that much more, but if the longhorn are any good it might be worth a look.

This is a crapy sport to try to maintain on the budget the wife gives me :applause:

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