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European '01 WR426 vs US '01 WR426

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From what I've gathered, there some interesting differences between these models. Euro's don't have the throttle stop or the grey wire, so out of the box, they should have more HP than the US versions. However, the Euro's have a sealed stainless steel "high-volume" stock exhaust that no-one seems to know too much about. I will say that if you like quiet, it is wonderful, the sealed exahust is probably quieter than my lawn mower.

This leaves the BK mod and airbox lid removal as the only free mods the Euro needs. I've replaced the "high-volume" exhaust with the stock US one and so far can't tell a *huge* difference (it's unplugged).

But, when I first got the bike, and joined TT, I couldn't understand why everybody wanted more more more out of it, mine was very powerful. I think it is obvious now, the grey wire and throttle stop seem to do A LOT!

Can't wait to get the BK done!


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