XR650R 300 watt stator from Electrex?

Hey, for you electrical guru's out there, something interesting popped up in a conversation I had with Electrex. I have one stator from them and another from Ricky Stator (two different bikes). Anyway, the guy on the phone at electrex claimed that their stator output 300 watts. On Electrex's website, the stator is listed as 2x100 watts, which is what I thought the max you could get out of the BRP is. But, he said it was 'mis-listed'; so, in their instructions, you wire up one leg to the kit and supposidly have 2x100 watt legs left over for accessories. I guess that would make their stator 3x100 then? Click here and check page 8 of the install manual, which seems to support what he says (2 white wires for extra power, while the pink and green wires power the kit). I knew that most people get a bit over 200 watts from a fully wound stator, but not 300; then again, I've spoken with 'less than informed' people at Electrex before. So, what do you guys think?

PS - In the manual, where it shows one of the white wires going to the stock regulator, that is optional and not required for the kit. So, that leaves 200 watts free above the kit demands, supposidly.


No, I think that is totally incorrect. Baja Designs winds theres so FAT that you have to grind the inside of the case to make it fit back in. They claim 250 X 1 or 125 X 2. Ricky Stator does a similar wind, but you don't have to grind your case out, and he claims 200 X 1 or 100 X 2. You mentioned that the electrex stator had 4 wires. Each coil has 2 ends, so two coils means 4 wires. You have to use both wires from a coil to create a circuit. They are doing the same wind that Baja Designs and Ricky Stator does.

The stock wind is 22awg magnet wire, over 4 poles, 75 turns per pole. This gives 300 total turns. I don't recall the resistance, but it's around .7 Ohms I think.

Ricky Stator, Baja Designs etc... use what I believe is 18 or 20 awg, probably 20. They strip the stock coil and rewind all ten poles. Each 5 poles is a separate coil that can be used individually or wired together in parallel for a single coil.

The catch is getting enough turns to generate ample voltage, while keeping the wire itself bigger (extra current carrying capacity), and the total length of the wire in the coil short (longer wire = more resistance = less current).

Many people, much smarter than I, got real scientific about this subject on the XR650R Yahoo Group a while back. You can get ~200W+ out of a single, low resitance (~.2 Ohms) coil by winding 16awg, 32 turns/pole over 10 poles, giving ~320 turns total. I did this wind myself and I'm driving two 55W bulbs to 95% brightness at idle and full brightness by just touching the throttle. This is in addition to my regular Baja Designs dual sport kit including horn, 4 signals, 2 brakelights and charging the small nicad battery pack. It's been running like a champ. NOTE: using a high power stator and high wattage bulb will pull alot more current than the stock wiring is made for. Uprgrading your wiring to a heavier guage is required.

For a single coil that runs ~125W, winding with 18awg, 32 turns per pole over 10 poles for a total of 320 turns is a great way to power a 55-75W lighting setup while still charging a battery.

Notice that all these winds end up with 300-320 turns total? This is because of the resistance that is built up by using a longer length of wire. If there was physically room to wind ~300 turns of 14 or 12 awg magnet wire then yes you could easily achieve 300W, but there is no room for that, trust me.

As for street bikes that have a 400W electrical system. They get into using a 3 phase alternator. This is beyond my knowledge. All dirt bikes that I know of use a single phase system... Interesting subject, always more to learn...

Ok cool, I figured the guy I talked to had to be wrong. So, I'd guess then that one leg at 100+ watts is going to the kit, and there is a spare 100+ watt leg.

Aftermarket part companies really need to stop hiring 18 year-olds that don't know what they're talking about and putting them in tech-support and phone-answering positions. I've gotten so much misinformation over the last year from companies I've bought parts from, mostly from young punks with attitudes. Not that everyone is like that, but it's a re-occuring trend that is getting tiresome. :applause:

man snaggle is the KING of bike electrics.

he helped me out with some XR/CRF electrical issues

This guy is the GURU!!!

rock on snaggle!!!

No, don't say that.

I just happened to have recently done ALOT of research and rewound my own stator and wired up some dual 55's, and it worked without smoke/fire. It just happens to be fresh in my mind, so I'm glad to help any others that I can. Most of my knowledge comes from the XR650R Yahoo Group, and Thumper Talk. Ride on!

Thanks snaggle, you hooked me up on my Ricky Stator install last month by taking a look at the euro wiring diagram. I do appreciate it.

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