Titanium Powercore 4

Anyone get the new titanium powercore 4 from FMF yet? Gonna order a slip on soon and would like to hear some good stuff about this one as it is top of my list right now.

Are they out now? I must have to have a gander at one.

Not available yet. I called FMF a couple of weeks ago and was told they'd be ready to go for another shipment by the end of January...SC

I saw one in the rockymountainatv catalog but it doesn't show on the web site, maybe i'll call them and try to order it with the part number they list.


The pipe is on unspecified backorder. I put my name on the list and they're gonna call when it comes available, but they couldn't give me an idea when I should expect it. No charge to put your name on the list if you want one...SC

Thanks for the update, is the "list" through FMF or through a reseller like rockymountainatv?

The "list" is directly through FMF. From what I understand, nobody has them yet. Retailers may be listing them, but they don't have 'em :thumbsup:...SC

whats the projected cost for the slip on?

MSRP is $299. Add around $35 for the quiet insert...SC

hey steve,

i spoke to a FMF tech yesterday that said the yz ones were done and ready for shipment :thumbsup: they even have a anodized blue one,no extra :eek: the 03-05 yz is the same as the wr,maybe they have the paperwork crossed up?? or,,,,,they could be just yankin' chains so people don't go and buy something else while thier waiting :bonk: also,he informed me they will be the same dimensions(14" can) as the old PC4,up to 1 lb lighter than the old PC4(which was fairly light to start with) quieter while increasing power across the whole curve compared to the old PC4 :p 'ol mtman gonna grab up a blue one asap :thumbsup:

I'll give 'em another call today and see if I can get a different sales guy. The one I spoke to seemed to have a bit of rectal-cranial inverison going on. He kept saying the Titanium 4.1 and I had to correct him a bunch of times :thumbsup:...SC


Rockymountain has them listed at 269.99 and they just added a note saying they expect them to be in stock Feb. 13.

I just confirmed first or second week of Feb. with FMF...SC

anyone have a link to tests or dino sheets on the new pipe. I would like to see some reviews on this new one???

This release article is the only thing available thus far that I can find...SC

Hey Bob,

Your mailbox is full. I have a reply waiting, just let me know when you get some space.


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