Using a Crowfoot on Torque Wrench??

Alright, I've got a question for you guys. When you use a Crowfoot wrench on a torque wrench do you use the same torque or do you back off it a little.

I ask this question because I like to properly torque my oil drain bolts. On my '06 450 I can not get a socket in there so I was going to use a crowfoot.

Thoughts??? :applause:

When using a crow's foot or other torque wrench adapters the simplest thing to do is to put the CF on at a right angle to the wrench beam and use the same specified torque value.

If you ever have to use the adapter oriented inline with the wrench, you'll have to measure the center to center length of the adapter and add that to the torque wrench's length, then determine the percentage the wrench's original length is of the length of the combined torque wrench and adapter, and then reduce the applied torque indicated by the wrench to that percentage of the specification.

I told you the first way was simpler.

Thanks Gray

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