Git er done!

I am going to git r done - well doing it myself that is. I ordered the dynojet kit from Baja Designs today and am going to break down and rejet. I will of course remove the snorkle and am already running a foam uni and the smog junk is gone. I would like to also run and aftermarket pipe, I like the XR's only stainless header and silencer - or the BIG GUN? about the same in price but how about performance and loud, I don't want real loud...I like the quaility look of the XR's only setup, header etc... whatcha think? and oh! I am pretty much at sea level on Whidbey Island.... so what jetting should I run at first for the stock pipe and then later on for an aftermarket? Thanks in advance!!!

if they haven't changed the kit, your Dyna Jet will come with two mainjets ... use the smaller for stock exhaust, and the larger one for aftermarket ... also, you will read references in this forum, to mainjet sizes that are a few numbers off, from what you have ... DynaJet and Keihin number their jets slightly differently ... not to worry ... also, check out the Supertrapp IDS2 pipe, nice sound, not loud, adjustable, quality heavy-duty construction, good power gain, and cheaper than most others ...

I would go with the xr's only over the big gun. I had a big gun for a while and sold it (for about half what I paid). I didnt like the way it fit, and I felt it lost too much bottom end torque. That is something to think about with a bigger header. I am verry satisfied with the stock header and the white bros e-series tip. I cant help on the jetting, I ride an R. Good luck on your project!! :applause:

Does the super trapp come as a system or just the silencer tip used with the stock header

The supertrapp comes only as a slip on. I do have the XRs only stainless full comp. system (oval) on my L and this thing is bullet proof. This thing isn't going to rattle apart.When I was using my stock carb I used a 58 pilot and a 160 main. I ended up back with the stock needle shimed and that worked best. i'm at about 50ft.above sea level. Since I noticed you bought the dj kit you will need the larger of the two and your going to have to pick up a kehin pilot at the dealer series 22 if I remember.

Xr's only exhaust and a hotcam. Do the carb. Drop the smog. Air filter.

Think it works good now...............

Xr's only exhaust and a hotcam. Do the carb. Drop the smog. Air filter.

doing the carb, done the somg removal, using a UNI air filter, need to desnorkle and I think I will go with the XR's only exhaust

BUY A mod for that bike.

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