another needle guestion

I looked online at hlsm for the ekn and ekp needles for my 2000 wr 400 with part numbers 5JG-14916-EN and 5JG-14916-EP respecively per James Dean recomendations, only those part numbers show those needles as EVN and EVP instead of EKN and EKP. Are they the same thing or do I have the incorrect part numbers. BTW I am looking under 2000 wr 426



The numbers provided by James are correct. The Fish for the 2000 bikes is in error. If you order the numbers James provided the needles received will have the desired numbers stamped on them.


thanks Clark


What about for a 99 WR400. Please



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Don't use those numbers. I ordered the 5JG-14916-EN and got the EVN needle. The Yamaha dealer rechecked it when I picked it up because I thought they got it wrong. Those number will get the "V" not "K" needles

I used the number for a evp and got a ekp so I think your in a fix!!!! :)

Dealer still can't figure it out!!!!?????


I`ll let you guys know what shows up when they arrive in the mail

Terry, I don't believe they ordered the part number you asked for!!

Again for the 100th time-

The one to get:

OBEKN p/n- 5JG-14916-EN

(It is listed in the fiche wrong, but in the '00YZ426 manual correctly on page 7-8, tell the parts man to look and check!)

Do not get:

OBEVN p/n 5BE-14916-EN

Terry, please come back and tell me whether they gave you the package with the part number. You are the first person in a year to say the 5JG part was not an EK needle after actually ordering it.

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Yes and No, They got the number I ask for, but they labeled the part wrong. I have two labels on the part, one from Yamaha and one from the dealer. The dealer label calls out the OBEVN which is wrong. The Yamaha label doesn't call out the model #, so I looked on the needle itself. Yamaha got it right, OBEKN is stamped on the part. MY BAD!!

Yamaha packaged the correct part. The dealer labeled the wrong description.

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