00/01 yzf426 clutch issue

I bought a 426 a couple of months ago. I was told it was a 2001 but it doesnt have a floating front rotor, or the nissin front brake master cylinder, not sure how to read the VIN. The problem Im having with the clutch is sometimes the clutch will just grab instead of gradually engaging. There is no pattern to this, sometimes it grabs sometimes it is smooth. Is this the 2000 clutch problem or does it just sound more like grooves in the basket. Im broke and have been putting a laminate floor in my house so I havent bothered taking the clutch cover off yet....or taking a link out of the chain, or putting in a new fork seal, or taking the steering head apart and checking the head bearing.....but Ill get around to them before the next ride. any thoughts on the clutch and the year of the bike? I bought it for $2100 and there was no scrathes on the plastic and NONE of the paint was wore off the frame so Im not really worried about it just would like to know. :applause:

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