Different Edelbrock Carbs? Old and New?

I am about to finally purchase an Edelbrock online but am wondering if there are different generation Edelbrock carbs for the 650R. The same store is offering two seemingly identical carbs for about a $30 difference. $369 vs $399. Are they just reducing the price on a few? Are these the non-current carbs that might have some glitches in the future? The less expensive ones were identified with part #3115 if that means anything. (It might be the stores numbering system)

Please let me know what I am getting into before I pull the trigger and buy one of these babies. I don't want to be disappointed.


I just checked the Edelbrock web site and the model currently pictured for the 650R is #3115. Maybe I am just paranoid. :applause:

Just out of curiosity, what online store are you seeing this?

Whats the part# of the other one, Mines a 3115,I thought that is the # for the XR650R,period.... :applause:

The other one does not list a part #. I think you are right, #3115 is the only one availiable. It must just be an advertising glitch on the seller's part.

The carb is available on ebay with ATV Galaxy. Ordered it today. Hope it helps me realize the pigs full potential.

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