wr400 vs ktm exc300

just think how you could climb on that 380...

because there is no way your wr can out climb the 380, it is just the rider not the bike..

I can't beleave how many people think these new heavy bikes are the way of the future..

keep 2 smoking


Two unregistered posts. There are 2 bikes in my garage. A WR400 and a 250EXC. Each has it's strong points. Both will get ridden where they excel. The weight of the thumper is offset by the great tractable power when conditions are right and it doesn't ping or smoke either.

I have been switching with my brotherinlaw when we ride. I have the wr 400, he has the exc300.

the 300 is buy far the best in tight woods, hill climbing, and the ktm is built way better..


very unpleased with the wr 400..

hmm funny, when a buddy and I go out, he on a KTM 380, I can outclimb his ass everytime. And I am on a WR400. I'll leave you to figure the moral of the story, cuz that's the way it is! :)


well mr wayitis off you go & thanks for the info. bye bye


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