Recovered from the knee injury (mostly). Went out and purchased some overdue knee pads. Kind of like closing the gate after the cows got out. Rode last weekend for the first "big" ride since the injury. Met up with a buddy of mine, who brought 8 buddies of his from dirtrider.net. It was a good day of riding. 9 different bikes and not a care in the world. (But, man, am I SORE).

Hope to get with you soon. The weather is cooling off making for some great conditions.

take care


Hey Wayne, glad to hear you are healing. I went down a few weeks ago to ride with Ron and two of my sons. I had a minor get-off not 5 miles into it and screwed my shoulder up! :) fortunately, no serious damage except to my pride. :D I can't wait for winter to come. I will let you know when I'll be heading down your way. I am really looking forward to doing some desert riding again and meeting you guys. Take care, Paul

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