Rejetted, Boyesen AP, GYTR skid, 13T drive sprocket

I just finished rejetting my bike, added the Boyesen AP cover, and added a 13T Renthal drive sprocket. The bike no longer pops at deceleration and feels so smooth. I also changed the starter jet and it nows fires almost immediately. With the 13T sprocket and all of the jetting it really pulls with great torque. Wheel comes off the ground in almost every gear.

I also installed the GYTR enduro skid plate and this thing is really nice. The fit and finish look great and it looks like it will provide excellent protection.

Thanks to all on this site for giving guidance on the jetting. I used some specs from Indy and they were right on. I didn't even have to adjust the Zip-Ty screw beyond what was recommended.

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