YZ450 @ European Motor Show Brussels

GreyRacer do you really think this is a sound thing? I thought we (USA) were more consequence of the sound issue than the FIM...I thought this was a power making feature more than a sound deadening thing...

FIM db level is what, 98db? AMA level is 103db I think.

Yes, it is for power, not to be quiet.

USA is the only ones to miss out on the header! :applause:

I was thinking the FMF thing as to why you do miss out............

oh yes,of course. you are a big thinker indeed :bonk::applause:

send me a new 2006 FMF 4.1 Carbon slip-on and I'll order a new header for you in the local dealership :cry:

HUMMMMMMMMMMMMM,let me think about that............ok I thought about it and while that may sound like a good deal I think I'll just wait it out! so you are sure you would not like one of our (us spec) headers I just might be talked out of mine for yours and about 500.00 dollars!!!! LOL :cry:

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