new thumper

Just picked up a 03 YZ450 the other day. Considering streeting it as a motard eventually, but I'd like to get familiar on the dirt first. Been riding a 01 KDX220 for the last 3 years. I like the power of the YZ. Never had a bike that will power up and 4th gear before. Seems the bike sat more than being ridden as it still has the original tires. The rear is shot so I'm looking at getting a new set. Having never bought dirt tires before, should I stick with the stock size and if so what compound? never knew they offered a variety of compounds dirt tires. Considering Bridgestones as I roadrace with them, but heard good things about the Maxxis tires also. Mostly ride trails in North GA, a monthly trip to DP, some ORVs. terrain ranges from sloppy trails to rocky trails and the occasional MX lap or two. I'd like the tires to last, but don't want to be sliding around in the GA clay. I do a lot of stop and go riding as I ride with the kids. Any problems with overheating? Should I just throw in some Water Wetter to be safe?

The previous owner has never had the valves checked, so I plan on having them inspected to be safe.

Congratulations on the thumper! I believe the stock tires is 100, if it is, go with the 110 instead. There are no problems with steering, and the wider patch is nice. You have heard right about maxxis tires. The Maxxis IT is a great tire that lasts a long time. So far, mine has lasted a good 6 rides. It wont do the mud very well, but now I just wheelie through the mud anyways. go ahead and throw in some water wetter anyways. Its not like it is going to hurt the bike or anything. The previous owner of my bike never had the valves checked either, but when I checked them they were still in spec. Love that yamaha reliability. :applause:

The stock tire size is 110/90x19. I use the Maxxis IT in that size, or in a 120/90x19, depending. The tire holds up well, and has terrific straight line bite. Corners well in most cases, too.

The bike naturally dislikes being idled for extended periods, but they hold their water pretty well even so, as long as the cap is in good shape and you add something to the coolant to raise the boiling point. EG coolants mixed at 50/50 or straight Engine Ice are good bets.

Check the valves, but don't be surprised if it reads: .15, .15, .15, .20, and .20 (low end of spec). Mine still does after all this time.

Definately the Maxxis IT for the rear....and run a Dunlop 756 up front. I have used this combo with good success on varied terrain. You may also want to consider the Maxxis ST up front, but I haven't used this tire yet.

One thing that a lot of people agree on, is that the stock 739G tires are known to wash out on the front. I hated this tire, but a few people have had success with it.

Great find on the bike, the 03' was a complete monster! Be careful it will be much more to handle than an 01' KDX 220. Oh yeah, can't go wrong with the Maxxis IT. :applause:

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