Totally lost, need help from the Suspention gods please!!!

First let me say sorry for all the treads lately, I spend time searchig through old ones but they never have all the info in one tread.

SOOOOOOOOOOOO My best friend just baught a 99 wr400 yesterday and the susp. had been gone through and rebuilt by susp. concepts and set up for a guy that weighed 170lbs and was 5ft5in. tall ...... My buddy is 6ft 210, this bike has been lowered and I need to set up everything for his body but never done any bike susp. work :bonk: . PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEase as much info as possible to get this thing up in the air a little bit. Thanks in advance guys. :applause:

Go to the Technical Articles section and look at Bannerup's 'Set Your Sag' thread. It is thorough and easy to follow. It will also show you how to adjust your dampening, etc... :applause:

This may require more than setting the sag if there were internal mods done to the forks and shock in order to lower the bike.

What would those setting be? Thanks

This may require more than setting the sag if there were internal mods done to the forks and shock in order to lower the bike.
First you need to determine whether or not the actual suspension has been shortened by measuring the forks and shock while topped out (on a stand). Are they actually shorter than the stock units? If so, this will require disassembly of the suspension units to return to stock travel.

If it has been professionally lowered, it will have spacers in the shock and forks.

You have to pull the forks apart, but the seals can stay in place. Just go through the bottom. There will be top out spring spacers that would be about 2" long in the forks, and a 15mm or so spacer in the shock, that limits it returning all the way up. Just remove these! The fork springs might have been changed to shorter ones too. Just measure them.

I to have a 99 WR400 and am 6' tall at 195lbs. The stock front fork springs from the factory are set up for a 200 lb. rider and the rear shock spring is for a rider that is in the 160 lb. range. Seems strange but you can go to Race Tech and they will confirm this is what comes from the factory. Your suspension I realize is modified for a shorter rider but if I were your friend I would see about getting the suspension you have set up for his weight and leave the suspension lowering work alone for now. I say this because they are often times I wish my bike rode lower to the ground so that I could reach the ground easier with my feet, especially in rough technical sections.

If he rides in a lot of sand or mud and has the stock Dunlap 739 tires, get rid of them and get tire's made for the softer ground. This alone can make a huge difference I have found on how satisfied you may be with the way your bike handles.

Just my thoughts, good luck on the set up.

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