brake light with rekluse brake kit possible?

I equiped my WR426 with a Rekluse set, lost the original cluth and placed the rear brake to the clucth position. There wasn't a dual brake kit available for a WR426 so I lost my braking light.

My challenge; how do I get a braking light up and running now?

You should be able to run a brake switch off of either or both banjo fittings on the brake master cylinders.

Won't the '03-'05 WR kits work?

Won't the '03-'05 WR kits work?

No, they won't I'm afraid. Different brakecylinders and hoses. Sp the dual-brake solution wasn't an option aswell...

OK, the front brake still activates the rear light right?

I wouldn't really worry too much about the rear. But that is just me. I don't have any indicators on my bike, they just break and fall off anyway.........

Hello mxyves

What about putting a brake switch in the banjo joint on the rear caliper or as I have done myself get a rear brake lever/ master cylinder off a moped. The one I am using is off some sort of peugeot but it has a brake switch built in it just needs to be wired up. :applause:

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