Thunder Alley Exhaust

Has anyone ever tried one of these exhausts? :applause: They look really trick and the reviews sound good. They are really low priced too. Just wondering before I made the purchase. :bonk:

Alot of people hear at the site use them. Fitment is great the guy does awesome work. I didnt really notice much of a performance gain but the sound is awesome.

They are low end monsters with that pipe. Pwer gains are good throughout, i think, but low end is tremendous. I could pull 3rd gear starts with it, but not witht the stock system. I have run them on my '01 and '04. If you need one for an '03-05, let me know. I have one that I would get rid and it would save you even more money. It is a complete system (header included)that I had Bob make that is shorter than the normal version.

I am waiting for him to make a system for my '06.

Do you know around how many dB they run. The series I run is strict about 96 dB. Thanks :applause:

I think you may have a problem there. I am not sure of the db, but it is louder than stock.

Do you know around how many dB they run. The series I run is strict about 96 dB. Thanks :applause:

My buddy had one on his 04' KTM 450 and it was very very loud. :bonk:

biggest peices of crap i have ever seen. They are incredibly loud, they fall apart in a matter of rides, and they rust when there is even a bit of moisture on them. They may give you power but it will only be for a month until all the rivets blow out and the thing falls apart. dont get them they are horrible. One tested up here at around 104db so good luck with that...

We used one on my friend's YFZ450 due to the long headpipe TA uses. It's not real loud with the spark arrestor in there (but he has not been db tested), and his has been perfect for almost 2 years now.

Funny, he bought the TA system when I lived in Nor-Cal. Now I live 30 minutes away from TA and havn't bothered to go in there yet.

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