air breather hose modification

I heard that the 2006 WR's air breather hose has been modified to make it less likely to drown out in water. If so, does anyone know whether the 2006 parts are adaptable to the 2005 model? Is there a part # from Yamaha for this modification? :applause:

A simple solution to keep the breather tube from sucking up water is to put a smaller uphill "T" in it and run this smaller tube into the airbox.

'05 and '06 are the same...SC

is to put a smaller uphill "T" in it and run this smaller tube into the airbox.

Chas-M, Explain this to me please, how do I identify which is the breather that sucks up water? Does this happen when crossing rivers? :applause:

The hose you are looking for will come off of the top of the cam cover. Hope this helps



The 2006 WR450f breather hose and routing is the same as that on the 2005 Wr450F. The stock hose routing on the 2005/2006 bikes is little better than the routing on the 2003/2004 bikes when it comes to the possiblility of sucking water. The end of the breather hose for the 2005/2006 bike is attached to a fitting on the bottom of the airbox. Any water that gets into the airbox can enter the hose and end up in the top of the motor. By the way, check the end of the little drain hose in the bottom of the airbox. The drain hose on my 2006 was closed off, thus making the engine breather hose the only drain for the airbox --- great engineering. I cut the end of the drain hose at a 45 degree angle. To add some additional measure of protection from water entering the motor, reroute the end of the engine breather hose up to the AIS fitting located at the top right-hand corner of the airbox. This is the fitting that you capped off when you removed the AIS from your bike. You did remove the AIS I assume, if not you should do it. Relocating the end of the hose to the top of the airbox will add some assurance that water won't enter the top of the motor. If water gets to the top of the airbox, you probably are already having a REALLY bad day and water in the engine breather hose is the least of your worries.

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