EKN Needle

I'm desperate to do some 'carb fiddling' this weekend cause I'm not at work next week and will really have chance to get it sorted.

Any of you helpful souls got the Yamaha Part# for the EKN needle ('99 WR)??

Also, I read that some people have used the EVP on the '99 bike. Thoughts and comments on the best choice???


there is nothing in it between the EKP and the EKN. if you can imagine carburation as a rolling hill within which 2, 3 or evn four needles will do. i have the EKP as does half the blokes on this site.

that last letter, as in _ _ N and _ _ P is the width of the needle at tickover basically. the straight bit!



Thanks for the info.

Where did you get the needle and do you have a part no. ????


Allens are it. full stop. don't look any further.

they are in the back of TBM. no e-mail address but call 01949 836733 or -4 to fax them. they are at Bingham, Notts.

thay don't need a yamaha part no just tell them what it is. if they can't get the one you want it's because yamaha had it made, but they had my EKP so...


Thanks Taffy

That's Allens Performance - I know them. Wish me luck.


Do NOT get an EVP needle. The profile is the same but the taper starts too low. You will have to use the bottom clip and it still may be too lean.

James Dean,

I also would like the Part # for a 99 WR 400 going to YZ timing.



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