Garmin GPS handle bar mount

I just put my Garmin GPS Handel bar mount on my YZ426. Its keeps shuting off on me!! I think maybe its because of all the vibrations from the bike. :applause: Anyone have this problem? Any ways to fix this problem?


I've got the same problem with my Timex GPS watch. I bought it do laptimes, but it would handle the jarring. I've tried mounting it to the bars will low density foam and also mounting it to my arm, no such luck. Next try is on my chest protector, i think it was a waste of money.

I had the same problem with my GPS. I mounted a it to a Ram handlebar mount and the darn thing kept blinking off when I hit bumps or revs. I don't know what model you have, but mine had a cover to hold the AA batteries. I simply lined the cover and inside of the GPS with enough electrical tape so that the batteries were held snug in their compartment.

It's never blinked off since.......

has the same problem on mine, check to see if the batteries are loose. I switched out my batteries for another brand that fit tighter, problem solved.

Yeah I have the Garmin eTrex VistaC. So you just wraped the batteries with electrical tape huh? No problems??


Hmmm...interesting. I have my Garmin on my DR350 and no issue. I wonder how it will do on the YZ now? Shake n Bake baby.

p.s. maybe the connections for the ends of the batteries are an issue too.

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