Stopped a bike theft tonight but they got away, PBG FL

Scenario: ~9:00pm tonight (Thursday), buddies van is parked next to street, across my front yard and driveway, xr100 and drz110 on trailer behind van. My buddy and I are in the garage working on his AF500. Garage has a regular house door (it used to be an office), door is open. The side of my driveway has a 6' hedge that keeps my yard private, front of buddies van is facing the hedge. As we are working, I just happen to notice that there has been a car outside, behind the hedge with the motor running for some time (I can hear it). My buddy says he thought he may have heard footsteps. This is odd so I peer out the door and notice the car is running, facing my buddies van as if he were going to jump-start it, motor running and headlights on. I think to myself, that's odd... must be the neighbor (what crook would leave the motor running and lights on?). Now I can see the lights shining on my buddies van, but I can't see the car because it's on the other side of the 6' hedge. I know that he can't see me either. Thinking it's the neighbor, but being a little pessimistic, I walk down the driveway next to the hedge so that he can't see me. I pop my head out and wave, 95% expecting it to be my neighbor or someone visiting my neighbor. Well.. the instant my head pops out, they floor it in reverse, spin a 180 in my neighbors driveway and haul booty down the street. DAMN! My buddies van is blocking my truck, and neither of us have keys in our pockets. There's no way we're going to be able to follow in time so I do my best to grab the tag number. It's a possibly early 90's model monte-carlo or olds, dark color, white license plate with black letters that are B4KS or BK4S or something similar. The car has a muffler, but it's got the typical olds/monte-carlo grumble (not whisper quiet like a honda or toyota). I do have my cell phone in my pocket and the police number on speed dial, so as soon as I watch which way they turn at the end of the road I'm on the phone to the police. I give a description and to their credit within 3 minutes I've got police at my house. They say it only took 3 minutes because they were driving around the immediate area looking for the car. The down side is the tag was not from my state and I don't know what state it was, so the numbers didn't help. damn damn damn... why didn't I wait for them to get out of the car? I was just SURE it was going to be my neighbor! Well now I'm pissed.. and nervous that they saw not only the bikes on the trailer, but the bikes and other stuff in my garage. It has to be someone local who travels the street often, the bikes were only there for about an hour, so I'm going to notify all the neighbors tomorrow. I drove all over the neighborhood tonight looking for the car but no luck... Anyway, video camera is in the window with an 8 hour tape tonight, and tomorrow I'm taking off of work to install the security camera system that I always wanted. Hopefully it's all for nothing, but at least I'll be able to sleep at night. I really really hate criminals...

...I really really hate criminals...
Personally, I thoroughly enjoy shooting at them whenever I get the opportunity, so I take a large ugly firearm to all such disturbances. Usually, though, as soon as they spot the LUF, they vanish in a puff of smoke and a trail of urine, or they have an epiphany, and repent then and there.

Good work, by the way. Trust your instincts. :applause:

hey good job, man i sure do hate theives.....i think you got the right idea about the camera, keep that thing rolling, especially if them guys seen in the garage... :applause:

Thanks guys. This is going to all of my neighbors right now in about 10 minutes (link below) and I've got my local crime prevention police officer involved. Why didn't I want for them to get out of the car.... :applause:

Nice job on going with your gut instinct.

I just talked to almost every neighbor on my street and handed them a flyer. Got some possible tips on where the car might live. I'm not holding my breath, but keep your fingers crossed!

I would be shooting my .44 through someones block! -How are the gun laws there? Its good you stopped it anyway.

Nice job on going with your gut instinct.

Thats exactly what I was thinking. :applause:

Good to hear that you are doing something to stop those bike thieves. :applause:

So do you think they were going to steal the whole trailer?

I mean they couldn't carry the bikes in the car so they would have to haul them..

Seems pretty dumb as they would be an easy spot..

No one said we had smart criminals. For all I know they could have been calling a buddy with a truck, or maybe they were going to steal the van, trailer and all. Anyway the bikes were small and would have definitely fit in the trunk for the purpose of getting them from A to B in a hurry (XR100, DRZ110). The way they took off in reverse pedal-to-the-metal the instant they saw me told the whole story.

If all goes as planned, I'm installing one of these today:

If they come back for a look then I'll get a better look at them!

I have seen that car on my street before as well (I live about two minutes from you)... Thanks for the heads up. I will be on the lookout and will let you know if I see it again.

Thanks for the heads up! I sent you a PM. Hopefully we can find where this guy lives and notify the police. I'm at all the crime watch meetings and work with Jewels Barone (our crime prevention officer, great guy) frequently so I know the info will go where it will do some good. If the bad guy knows that we and the police know who he is and where he lives then maybe that will keep hin quiet, or at least keep he and his buddies away from our houses.

What town do you live in?

good job SirThump. One thing is for certain...those idoits have it coming...just a matter of time.

I'm in Gardens, near the high school. How about yourself?

Satch I hope you're right. Criminals really push my buttons, and this guy has me pissed off and motivated. :applause:

Update: One of my neighbors has seen this car on our street many times. He has to be local! I will find him...

We will definitely find him!

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