who uses roll chart holders ?

On ebay, when searching in "route chart holder" , only one comes up. They claim to be making for 20 odd years. Any one use these? Durable for crashes, watertight ? and big enough for big scroll without binding?

I have one,as with most rollcharts you have to tape the top on. I've seen a rollchart with a bolt on top , I think it was like 60.00. The chart on ebay feeds the paper ok. Here's the link to the other one . It's a bit spendy . They're nice though ,and are a sponsor of tt.


I have one, I had to drill some holes and use some bolts to hold the cover on. Used some silicone to seal it. It is now water proof as well.

I've got one from back in my enduro days, used it a few times on organized dual sport rides. A good practice is to run scotch tape the full length of the scroll on the back in case it does get wet.

I like to use a heavy rubber band or o-ring stretched between the knobs to keep tension on the scroll. That keeps me from having to wind up slack and find the place you thought you left it at.

I just duct tape the cover on. My buddy used to have one with a magnifying lens back in the day. :applause:

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