A Clutch Question

So, I've found the problem with my clutch - one of the plates (FP1) has broken into about 6 pieces, but I don't seem to have lost anything so that's good.

However, can anyone tell me what's what with the plates. Talking only about the fibre ones, there are three diffrent types. First in is the one marked FP1, last in is the one with the larger internal diameter, and in the middle are the remainder all marked FP2.

Is there any difference between the FP1 and an FP2 plate? Is it OK to just use FP2s ('cos my dealer hasn't got any FP1's and I'm racing this weekend!!)


The outside plate is not the same as all the other inner one's. I wouldn't chance not using the right part. I wolud also run the bike on a regular grade ( inexpensive ) oil for aboput an hour at low RPM and install a new filter to make sure that all contamination is out. Could de awful if something were to go up into the cylinder!

I assume when you say outside, you mean the last one to be put in. If so, then yes that is different as it has a bigger ID. But it's the difference between the FP1 and FP2 plates that I'm querying.


I see what you mean and would guess that they are same. If you have a micrometer or digital caliper measure thicknes, etc. Can't answer for sure as am at work. If they check out I don't see why not, at least temporarily. My 400 is presently apart but will not be able to get back to you before Monday. Sorry for not being much help! Hope someone can answer your question.

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