How many miles can I go?

I am doing a Cross Country GP race this weekend and I have not had my bike long enough to know how many miles I can conservatively go before I refuel. The laps are 10 miles long.

I have a 2000 WR 400 (Canada model) with cams, no air box lid, White bros ex, and a slightly larger fuel tank (the one for the YZ seat). I was told the tank is hardly larger at all.

The course should be pretty fast but not desert fast. But, also not single track slow.

I am only looking for what you guys have experienced with your bikes, and I was hopping that I would get a number of replies so that I could get a good average slice of what to expect and then play in conservatively from there. I know riding style and jetting and all that will play a big part of fuel economy and I plan to take that into consideration.

And, does anyone know how many miles you can go on Reserve? Maybe more then ten miles at a race pace with any luck?


PS Is anyone racing at Prairie City this weekend?

Anyone? How about 50 miles? Do you think a WR400 will go 50 miles on a tank?

The WR400's had a 3.2 gallon (12 Litres) tank standard.

I can get ~100kms (60 miles) out of the 2.11 gallon (8 Litre) tank on my 450.

Reserve is only a litre on my bike, which means 12.5km or so.

50 miles easily on that tank, i would refuel every 3-4 laps just to be on the safe side!! :applause:

Ya, I was thinking every four laps. I was wishing that the reserve would be a safe 15miles and I would use it and then refuel. I guess I will go with every four laps. I think my tank is 3.8 now. I am not sure who makes it but the guy who I bought the bike from said he was pretty sure it was a 3.8 tank and the only reason he got it was to mount the YZ seat.

Thanks for the help guys!

go 4 - if still heaps of fuel, go 5.......

Well they say I will be lucky to get 6 to 7 laps in. I am doing the first fuel pit on lap four, and if I can get more then eight laps in then I will deal with that then. I am going to have goggles and gloves ready for every lap, just in case I need them, but fuel takes a long time. Especially when I look at past results and 20-30 seconds covers a lot of riders.

Anbody know how far you can go with a IMS dez. tank on a WR 450? I think it's a 3.1 or 3.6 Gal. tank.

Anbody know how far you can go with a IMS dez. tank on a WR 450? I think it's a 3.1 or 3.6 Gal. tank.

I think the IMS is a 3.0 gal tank, should get you around 90 - 100 mile depending on how hard you ride, what mods you have done to your bike.

I had a WR426F with the 3.2 gallon tank and it went 73 miles and didnt hit reserve, but I'm sure it was ultra close to hitting reserve. My 450 did good until I jetted it, then it was a pig on gas. I downsized the main and greatly extended the range. Went from original 160 to a 170, then backed down to a 168, ran perfect, dropped to a 165 and its flawless and economical to boot without sacraficing horsies.

Thanks for the heads up. I am running a 165 jet. Maybe that helps squeak out a few extra miles.

I wouldn't go leaning your bike out if it is right already.

Things go kaput sooner than they should...........

Thanks for the input everyone. I got in touch with the guy I bought the bike from and he said that the tank had 3.8 gal. and that he has gone over 100 and used to push 100 often. I looked up the stock size and it was 3.16 with .41 in the reserve. I assumed that the before reserve would be 2.75 and figuring that I would get 25mpg I thought I would get a solid 60+ miles in my tank if it were only stock.

So, I felt plenty safe just going for it. I did 50 laps at 11miles a lap and I still have about half a tank left.

Thanks for all the help.

Big Tim,

Your question has more or less been answered already, and the race is over, but I'll chip in with my two cents anyway.

I ride a WR426 w/ the stock 3.2 gallon tank in Baja a couple of times a year and can do 80 miles pretty safely. I've done more than 90 without refueling, but much of the riding was 1/4 throttle cruising down dirt roads. I wouldn't recommend going for more than 90 miles on the stock tank intentionally.

By the way...I rode the Prairie City GP yesterday and had a blast! This was my first race in many years and I am SORE today. That was a muddy sucker. Looking forward to doing more of these in the future.

I should add...there's no way I could have done that race without you guys here at I've had a lot of fun looking through old posts and fixing up my bike in the past few months. All of the information on this site has inspired me to renovate my garage, invest in a decent set of tools, and spend my evenings working on my bike!

Thanks for all of the help.

I ran that race too second race in my life time I took 10th in the c-vet what a blast slicker than snot out there but FUN as hell.

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