05 WR450 Needs More Low End Torque?

13th front. What are u using for the rear?

Thanks for the info. I will change to a 13 on the front sprocket since this is the cheapest modification and go from there....

Thanks for the info. I will change to a 13 on the front sprocket since this is the cheapest modification and go from there....

I changed to the 13T drive sprocket as well. It came stock with a 14T and a 50T in the back. Stock I thought it was geared too high for the slow go stuff and felt like I was really hauling ass coming down the steep stuff when using the engine to brake and it would bog down when going slow. I may try going to a 52 rear if it still feels to high.

I remember with my old super-trap system it was more disks = less back pressure = less bottom end and more top end while less disks = more back pressure = more bottom end and less top end.......so wouldn't a free flowing pipe just improve high mid to top end? :thumbsup:




A long header will produce torque and boost the bottom to mid range.

A short header will move the power to the mid to top end.

:bonk: A free flowing exhaust will not just produce more top end..........

It just depends where in the rev range the cam timing, ignition timing and exhaust flow are syncronized. this is where the maximum torque is produced. It is also why a Vortex ignition can move power around also.

A smaller front sprocket wont boost any power what so ever! It is however the cheapest and an easy way to get "bottom end" as the bike makes very light work of turning that back wheel. Great for chucking wheelies absolutely everywhere. :thumbsup:

definetly the power bomb head pipe ,after installing it i actually went from 50 to48 on rear sprocket ,i am also using a yz stock silencer,

I am not sure why a lot of people are interested in tossing their stock 05/06 WR mufflers. I have not pulled mine yet to see how heavy it is, but it seems to flow well and is quiet with a PMB insert... If I had a earlier WR I would be looking for one of these to replace the old stainless cannon...I saw a post awhile back that stated something like: "If you replace your stock 05/06 WR with an aftermarket muffler, you are an idiot..." I tend to agree, although the language is a little strong...The exception might be close course competition events.

I started riding off road in Ca this year after a few years off. With the new 96db limit,

I no longer need earplugs for my bike or others. It really is a lot more pleasant experiance, from the parking lot, on the trails, and back to the parking lot. And my bike still makes absolutely great power and is quiet.

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