New bike blue's ???

Let me start off buy saying I 've had all color's of 4 stroke's since 03 , 250 's and 450's and I must say that this new blue 450 is a handfull . smooth power but lot's of it .took it out yesterday and had a tuff time with it ( I know it's me not the bike ) been riding a 05 yz 250 2 stroke the last 2 week's and having a blast anyway's what's a 06 yzf 450 with 1 hr. worth ?? 6000 ish ?? :applause::bonk::cry::cry:

I think you can get 6k with no problem...........

I think if you give the bike a chance and ride it a bit you may end up liking it more than you think.

Give the bike a chance......

When I first got my 2004 yz 450f, I was somewhat intimidated by it; since I hadn't ridden in about 15 years. After about 2 days on it, I got pretty comfortable on it. A co-worker bought a 2005 Cr 125, that he let me take for a spin.......after riding his bike I was so glad I got the 450f, his bike's power and hit felt like a child's toy after riding mine.

1 Hour! I think you've completely dimminished the value of your bike and should sell it to me for around $1000 bucks.... :bonk:

Seriously though, that's not enough time to get use to the bike let alone make a decision to sell it. If I were to spend that much money on a new bike I'd really force myself to ride the thing rather than give it up after just an hour. Give yourself a chance to get use to the bike and I'm sure you'll begin to learn how to handle it. I've had my bad days also where it feels like the bike is riding me rather than me riding it. Then the very next day I'll jump on it and can't do anything wrong. So stick with it and I'm sure you'll be pleased... :applause:

I rode my new yz450f for the first time today. Headed across the pasture 1st gear, i was digging it :cry: so W.f.O. 2nd 3rd & 4th gear :cry: backed her down :bonk: and headed home. came to a complete stop and fell over with the bike on top of me,,, Hold up' I used to ride 500's, Jumping in and out of monster sand bowls (Glamis) Raceing at carlsbad and corona and im riding like a FN squid Whats been 22 years ago..The new bikes have a tall seat height... Im 5' 4'' short...and 43 years old! But...I'll shave the seat and learn to get used to all that it time and take it easy and before You know it you'll be KICKIN ASS!!! :applause:

thank's for all the advice guy's but I've decided to let somebody else have

the pleasure of owning this blue rocket . so any buyer's out there ?

2006 blue yzf 450 with 1 hr . 6000 will buy it !!!!!!!!!

I had alot of fun with my 04-YZ450 and loved it out at the dunes. I dropped a good amount of coin on her in aftermarket stuff also. After a year and a half I had to say good by because I never felt totally comfortable. :bonk::cry:

Now I'm on a 06 YZ 250 bone stock smoker. This bike feels like it was made for me. I know the new 06 Yami thumpers are wonder machines, but the bottom line is that you have to be comfortable with the bike your on :applause: .

Are you willing to ship it?? I am interested and in UTAH -- also, is it blue or yellow?

zdylanh it's blue and I guess I would ship it at your cost .

Check your private messages YZF753

zdylanh check your pm

If you are in the market for a YZ 250 let me know. Its an 05 and was Ryan Clark's supercross bike from the Orlando Supercross last year. I absolutely love that bike, but riding my buddies 04 yz450 I was just as fast the first time around the track. I just went and bought an 06 yz450 so the 250 is going. If you are interested do a search on cycletrader looking for zipcode 85383. It has monster energy drink graphics. BTW it is awesome.

Wow, I personally have the opposite scenario. I just got the new 450 coming from a yz 250 and sbsolutely love this new one and will probally never load up the 2 stroke again. I thaught the new 450 has an incredibly forgiving power deliiery compared to any thing I've ever owned or ridden . You gotta give it another try.Plus all the magazines say its perfect delivery and cyclenews said it was weak,plus you want find better suspension on anything and feels just as light as my friends 125. BTW I hope I understood you right.

If you are trying to ride a 450 like a two stroke 250, then I can definitely see your frustration. It takes a different riding style and throttle usage. Some people just can't make the switch, and that's just fine. I hope they never get rid of the two smokers, 'cause I don't want my 450 to become too much like a pinger. If you aren't comfortable on it, get rid of it and get what suits you. These bikes (all of them, two smokers included) will put a hurtin' on you if you can't find some sort of harmony with it.

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