different oil fliters fo xr line?

kinda a rant so i'm sorry..

any ways one of my local shops, who i've been going to since i was a kid, owner owned and operated, the kind of shop i prefer to give my $$$ to wont order me oil filters for my 02 650r. They have a filter that is the same depth and diameter however the recess on the back where it centers on the spring is shallower than it needs to be.

I bought one ther about a month ago, tried to put it on and the cover would not seat all the way :cry:

I took it back to show them and to try to get the correct one which they didnt have, the owner now will not order a new filters for which by the way have a different part # because he says he uses those in the same bike i have all the time &%$#@! :bonk:

I have an animosity towards most shops and their employees and this was the last close shop i would go to, now i have to go farther to go to Cycle gear which i dont really like.

Has anyone else come across a similar problem??? does anyone know what the different filter is for???

sorry again for the :cry: but i'm dissapointed.

Time to find a new shop i guess :applause:


If your "prefered" shop won't order you the correct Honda filter, go elsewhere. You can always order a bunch of filters from ServiceHonda or the like, and the shipping will be absorbed by economies of scale (and then some). Plus, you don't have to go anywhere but your computer to do it. Service has them for $4.13, Honda part number 15410-KF0-315.

AFAIK, all XRs and many Honda quads use the same filter. I'm sure someone else can confirm the truth of that.

you might try contacting American Honda, I suppose there may be one chance in a thousand, that they may want to know about something a dealer is doing that could cause Warranty issues ... :applause:

Nope... I go to my local Honda shop and buy the OEM filter. It's not rocket science. :applause:

I use the FRAM or the filters from rockymountainatv.com are good.........

I buy Fram filters for XR400 by the case from any local auto parts and use them in XR 650, 400, and 250. Only thing is that the O-ring for 650 is different so just reuse the old O-ring. A few years ago I had some bad O-rings from Fram, they were too fat and didn't fit properly in groove. So now I just always reuse O-rings on all the bikes.

I bought a bunch from TT I think there emgo's. Pretty cheap. I have used them in the past no problems.

yeah they are like 3.50 around here.(emig)

I h8 the local Honda dealer Fun Bike Center the employees are "too cool"

I dont like ordering on line except from TT, i might try them for a few filters, I prefer to give my $$ to a shop i like but now i just dont know about my shop...

sucks i just spent 100$ there on some stuff not much to them but alot to me

i gotta go talk to the owner, he's gotta get me my sh%t


I buy about 15 filters and two cases of oil at the beginning of every season. Get the OEM ones from Service honda once a year and you won't have to worry about it. Seems like a lot to spend at one time but it'll save you in the long run.

Last time I went down to the honda dealer (90 miles away) I picked up two dozen of the filters. They thought I was insane, just told them "I don't like having to drive this far every time I change the oil."

and I would either buy from TT, or BikeBandit. Don't know about ServiceHonda since I haven't ever purchased from them before.

for what its worth ... I used FRAM filters for a long time until a CONSUMER REPORTS oil filter test article ... they usually picked FRAM as the best filter, until they discovered FRAM was sending Consumer Reports 'special 0ne-Off' filters for testing ... the over-the-counter Frams were JUNK, and ever since, they have chosen WIX as the oil filter of choice ... hard to find WIX, but NAPA stores carry 2 filters ... the regular NAPA (which is a Fram), and the "NAPA GOLD" filters, which are made by WIX ... me,? ... I run a SCOTTS stainless steel filter :applause:

napa sell the filters for most offroad vehicles also i get mine just because i work there part number 4944 for the xr's,comes with new orings also,they are wix filters but have the napa name on them,but i have notice an increase lately in all filters so may not be the cheapest, but most napa's usually have them,i use the napa 10w30 also.

I too have been using the NAPA (Wix) filters for a number of years, no problems.

I just installed a K+N oil filter in my xrl. Seemed to fit fine. Has anybody heard or had any problems with them?


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