Grr... screwed up front fork.

I'm half way done disassembling my front fork so I can change the fork seal. As I'm draining the oil out, I forgot to hold onto the damper rod(I think that's the correct name). Next thing I know it slides out and bends into a nice S shape. :applause::bonk: After cleaning up the mess and kicking a couple things like a mature adult would do, I start looking online for the part. Maybe I'm not looking at the right fiche but I don't see just the inner damper rod. Can anybody point me in the right direction or give me a part number? It's for a 2000 426. The only part I see is the whole compression assembly for $202 on TT store. Not exactly what I want to pay for just an 1/8" solid aluminum rod.

id try a popular suspension shop like factory connection,pro circuit or rg3 maybe they could hook you up with one , or at least tell u what u could use in place of it or where to find 1 . good luck !!!!!!!!!! i lost a air bleed screw and u had to buy the whole fork cap to get it ?! i found one though

You sure it is not the rebound rod that you are talking about? Really thin like 1/16" diameter

I have no clue what the name of the part is. Unfortunately the online fiche does not show the part. It's the inner most rod that will come out freely when you turn the fork upside down. :applause:

I just measured it, the diameter is .156"

rebound adjustment rod.

Check with some suspension shops.

I would go to yamaha of trou website they have a decent microfishe(i think i spelled it right) you should be able to find what your looking for

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