carb hoses?

I pulled the carb on my 1988 XR600R to install the billet plate replacing the original spring loaded flapper and I didn't see a hose that is attached on the left side of the carb near the choke pivot point and where it went. It is near the choke pivot point & I think it's a vent hose. I know where to attach the other hose that has two lines (nipple below intake where I replaced the flapper and nipple near there on the right side of carb) but I do not see any other place for this hose near the choke pivot point to go other than along the frame where there is a plastic thing-a-ma-gig that looks like a hose could go there and be held in place. So am I even close to right?

Answering my own question...yep I was right it is a vent line.

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